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At ICONIC DEVICES, we understand the importance of connectivity as it builds operational resilience to help you achieve a smart network. With this in mind, we embed the latest IoT connectivity within our products. These efficient devices enable you to move on from your legacy products and onto the latest technologies the industry has to offer.

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Why Us ?

We bring value to your operations by enabling continuous data collection and visualization of your process. 
Our unwavering commitment lies in forging a sustainable future for the Internet of Things through the utilization of low-power devices that leave the smallest ecological footprint imaginable.
Each facet of our creations, from Return On Investment and Implementation strategies to cutting-edge technology, is meticulously engineered to empower a greener world.


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Accelerating production with automated assembly line.

With the increasing demand for connected devices 2020, we have invested on a in-house, assembly line to shorten the lead times and improve customized product supply capabilities. 

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ICONIC DEVICES is a global technology company specializing in the design and manufacture of Electronic devices for IoT applications.