Our Products & Services Portfolio

Industrial Automation

NORVI Controllers and SensOper Controls are the brands maintained by ICONIC DEVICES for its product portfolio in industrial automation and IoT. 

Programmable Controllers: Offers a range of controllers including NORVI Controllers, Modular Raspberry PI, HMI Raspberry PI, HMI ESP32, and Arduino C33 Range. This product range was introduced to the market in 2016 and its was a huge success through the system integrators around the world. 
The products are able to contribute to more than 1000 automation solutions provides by our system Integrators. 
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Customized Controllers: Tailored solutions to meet specific industrial automation needs. When the customer is moving for massive implementations , we always recommend a customized solution. Every application is unique that we can re engineer everything and solve for easy installation, commissioning and maintenance. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our contribution to IoT starts with sustainable devices, that are self powered. Maintenance free IoT devices are our key achievements. We have tested multiple solutions in this stream and ready to provide our system integrators with maintenance free solutions.  

Sensor Nodes
: Tasks like tank level monitoring, pump control, soil condition sensing, temperature sensing, waste management, and IoT weighing scales.

Condition Monitoring: Solutions for temperature and vibration.

Water Quality Monitoring
: Sensors for water quality, leakage, and pump efficiency.

Camera Nodes
: ESP32 block and bullet cameras, Nicla vision block and bullet cameras, water metering camera.


Energy Harvesting Systems: Solutions for managing solar and wind power.

Process Controllers: Controllers for managing temperature and utilizing PID control.

Process Displays: Panel displays for monitoring system health.