Success Stories and Achievements

ESP32 S3 Digital Camera with AI

ESP32-S3 based camera

ESP32-S3 based camera for image processing and recognition applications. Designed with lower cost and implementation in mind, includes everything to build an AI image processing solution with ESP32-S3 Camera. 
We found the cameras on the market were not reliable for a real world implementations and we working on for months to make it reliable for a installation. 
The built-in backup battery and 2 inch LCD display makes it a digital camera for industrial applications. 
This will be available for sale on by Mid of May

Tank Level Monitoring Solution

A monitoring solution for domestic tank levels, integrated with a advanced pump controller. 
Designed to save water and avoid damages caused by dry running of pumps. 
This pump controller is accompanies with a tank level sensor that monitors the tank levels to intelligently operate the pumps. 

Self Powered Sensor

Battery Free self powered sensor development. 
Our skilled electronic engineers were able to continuously run a LoRaWAN sensor node without a battery during the daytime sending date to sending data to servers. 
Combined with dry cells, we are working on  sensor nodes which measures critical parameters and alert users. 


An Open Source HMI Solution for system integrators powered by ESP32-S3. This was a huge success and we more than 100 system integrators started switching to ESP32-S3 HMI from competitive solutions. 
This provides OTA and Remote monitoring compared to a traditional HMI. 


Programming and supplying 1200 units of NORVI IIOT as MODBUS Slave devices for monitoring solar panel efficiency. 

Chlorine Generator Panels

Designing and supplying power management solution delivering 500W of solar power and controlling Chlorine generator units. 
Other than the standard controlling features. It has the ability to log data and operational information remotely.